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Aren’t we all part of Gil’s fandom?

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This is a collab that NEEDS to happen. mirandasingsofficial will be in London in September. Just sayin’, roseellendix. Do the thing.

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I tried to cover Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan. It doesn’t nearly do a justice but i am extremely proud of this lil nugget, so here ya go… hope you like it! :)

TBT (because it’s Thursday somewhere): Vidcon memz 2/2.

Grace Helbig interviews Chris Hardwick, AKA the moment we all stopped breathing because are you KIDDING ME right now.



Is this the most fun a grown man can have [1/2]

Humpy Hank will never die!

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I didn’t want to reblog myself (again) so I’m making a new post.

This video is about an idea I had for a youtube video. Recently, we’ve had a bunch of people talking about suicide and I thought of putting together a montage of people saying “you are not alone” in different languages.

Watch the video so you know how to participate :)

CC for English subtitles

TBT (because it’s Thursday somewhere): Vidcon memz 1/2.

A view of the main courtyard from the 3rd floor of the convention center. The Fine Bros are too cool for you. Connor Franta ready to hug fans. John and Hank Green doing the welcome thing. The coolest security lady in the entire world (who let me get back in line to see Hannah after Grace). Photobombed by the coolest volunteer. Grace being perfect. Grace’s water, RedBull, and banana. Mamrie and Michael Buckley, two of the funniest. California is gorgeous and I miss it.


i accidentally messed up my life how do i start a new account

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